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Welcome to Punjab Assignment

Punjab Assignment is an independent educational consultant with a focus on promoting research and leadership education that demands critical thinking to bring positive social change. Punjab Assignment is assisting public and private organizations across the world to develop innovative solutions to improve leadership effectiveness. Punjab Assignment recognizes that the major weakness of most Colleges and Universities is their failure to inculcate in their students the attitudes that would enable them to embrace research and academic writing. Thus, Punjab Assignment wants to give students the opportunity to acquire research and writing tools that would enable them to be successful in their careers and professions. As such, Punjab Assignment provides universities, colleges, and individuals with research and academic writing supports. The target groups are students intending to write, bachelor thesis, master thesis, and doctoral (Ph.D.) dissertation. It is specially meant for the needs of students who are, or intend to be, engaged in any kind of administration, including the service of any government or local authority, banking and insurance, international trade, and any of the higher branches of commerce and industry, and also the profession of teaching any such subjects.
Punjab Assignment

In the 21st century, the number of universities across the world has grown, as the number of those seeking advanced degrees has expanded, but the standard of research papers produced by most universities has prevented them from contributing to the progress in the development of knowledge in various disciplines. Unfortunately, many students are chasing after worthless certificates than acquiring knowledge that leads to success in a globalized world. Punjab Assignment is committed to advancing students’ success in a globalized world.

Vision:To make research and academic writing more practical than academics. Apply practical teaching and learning approaches to instill in the students, graduates, and faculty critical thinking to usher innovation and bring positive social change in the economy and society.

Mission:To enhance undergraduate and graduate students' research and academic writing skills, promote professional skills development at all levels, support applied research and innovation with direct relevance to development. Support students earn quality degrees, necessary to seek career advancement, employment in the public and private sectors,and respected anywhere in the world.

Motto:Helping you acquire knowledge that makes the difference.

Our Services

Apart from editing services, Punjab Assignments offers educational consultancy services to universities to enhance their student’s performance in research and academic writing. Our services are delivered through different activities: consulting on-site, consulting off-site, and content expert advising, customized learning to suit the individual’s needs, and university research review

Research Paper Editing

Editing of research article may involve structuring, concept, and content editing. I. Structuring entails questioning whether the actual layout of the paper takes into consideration the necessary links associated with...

Consulting On-site

Consulting on-site means that we meet with potential faculties or students who need research and writing supports in their school, and after two or three meetings, we use online tools...

Consulting Off-site

We offer one-on-one writing support via online. Today's online writing apps offer robust collaboration features that keep everyone involved in the writing process on the same page. In essence, sharing...

Content Expert Advising

Our content experts would guide the students to deal with issues most relevant for research and academic writing. For example, the experts would help the students to think about social...

Customized Learning to Suit Individual’s Needs

Punjab Assignment recognizes that the needs for each student to improve their research and academic writing skills may be different. Thus, we tailor-make packages to suit individual student requirements. We...

University Research Review

We recognize that Professors have no sufficient time to thoroughly examine theses and dissertations to achieve the expected quality. Thus, we provide oversight to the students who are writing final...

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Punjab Assignment


BUACC 5930, Accounting Concepts and Practices Semester 1, 2019 This is a Group Assignment. This is due in week 10 or 11. All questions must be completed. Question 1. Transurban is a company that primarily builds Toll roads in Australia...
Punjab Assignment

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Punjab Assignment

How to Plan the Writing of Thesis or Dissertation

Although there is no one way to plan your thesis/dissertation, there are some strategies that most everyone finds helpful. First, you should have a plan and stick to it the best you can. Please read the sample plan below and...
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