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Who we are ?

Punjab Assignment recognizes that you-universities, faculty teachers, and students have worked hard, and we are going to collaborate and partnership  with you to produce expected outcomes that you will be proud of. Thus, Punjab Assignment collaborates and partnerships with universities to assist faculty teachers and students to acquire research and academic writing skills they need to be successful in their careers and professions. We teach practical research and provide supporting services that enable them to manage their research papers. We at Punjab Assignment are aware that after thesis or dissertation course, often, many students are confused on how to proceed to write their thesis or dissertation. Many faculty teachers have nothing worthy of publishing in high-impact factor journals. Because, often there is a disconnection between the knowledge gained from teaching and writing course papers within their program and the requirements for evidence- based research which the journals required to publish research papers. Besides, we know that even if one is a good writer, the convention of reading research papers by faculty teachers differs from that of the journals editors and reviewers. Journal editors and reviewers would like to read research papers that are valuable, persuasive, well organized, and clear. Faculty teachers rarely think about the value of a student’s research paper. Nevertheless, they expect student papers to be organized, and clear. Hence, the writing styles that you learnt from your University system is rule based, but that also differs from what the journals need. Thus, junior faculties and graduate students, in particular, need special support to enable them to write publishable articles, theses, and dissertations.

Our Editors have sound knowledge of various research techniques such as Econometrics, Advanced Time Series, Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis, Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis, Comparative Analysis among others. In essence, they are experts in qualitative research and empirical modeling techniques. That means that they will provide faculty teachers and graduate students with expert advice if they need it, but we do not reconstruct any component of a research paper. Hence, Punjab Assignment delivers their services through editing of the student’s papers, lectures, and seminars. The three activities are conducted through six major services: consulting on-site, consulting off-site, customized learning to suit the individual’s needs, content expert advising, university research review, and manuscript editing. Our services are designed to prevent serious faculty teachers and students from attempting to engage the services of ghostwriters ( people who are engaged in writing assignments and theses for students for money making). Ghost writers who write research papers for faculty teachers and students are the enemies of quality education. Punjab Assignment helps to eradicate research ignorance, educate future knowledge producers and leaders. Our services are helping many universities to provide quality education to their students and stand out from the crowd.

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