James E. Conable, PhD (Editor-in-chief)

Dr. James E. Conable is a Visiting Professor in the School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He supports postgraduate teachers and students to develop their research and academic writing skills. He provides research-focused solutions to problems in human resources management and organizational development.

Dr. Conable has 20 years of consulting, research, and teaching experience. He has directed projects in many private and public sector organizations in the areas of personnel selection, training, performance management, safety, employee and customer surveys, organizational development, innovation implementation and workforce development.

Dr. Conable assists students from different geographical backgrounds to develop interest in research and build confidence in academic writing. He is comfortable working with international students, and he understands their challenges. Many international students came from countries where their previous education did not encourage a systematic approach to research and academic writing. According to Dr. Conable, his primary goal is to ensure that students develop their research and writing skills because they are vital for their success in practical endeavors. He likes to engage in interactive exercises that would help students understand how to handle student’s anxiety during thesis writing. The idea is to understand the common struggles that students face during thesis or dissertation writing. Such discussion may help to inform feedback that faculty usually provide to students during thesis writing. Dr. Conable is an expert in qualitative and quantitative reasoning and analysis.

As an Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Conable provides oversight to thousands of students who are writing final project papers, theses, and dissertations. He ensures that students understand the processes and procedures involved in writing academic papers. He supports the students to write academic papers that meet the highest content and writing standards required by their colleges and universities.

Dr. Conable’s education lay primarily in Development Studies, Political Science, Economics and Management, Public Policy and Administration. James obtained a Bachelor degree (BSc) in Development Studies with a major in Political Science (Lund University),  Sweden; a Master degree (MSc) in Development Studies with a major in Political Science (Lund University), Sweden; a Master degree (MSc) in Economic History (Lund University), Sweden; a PhD in Public Policy and Administration with a Specialization in Policy Analysis (Walden University), United States. Besides, being a peer-reviewer with different journal publishers, a Chapter contributor in an edited volume: Foreign land acquisitions, corruption, and sustainable livelihood in Sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Mozambique and Tanzania. In E. Osabuohien, In-Country Determinants and Implications of Foreign Land Acquisitions (pp. 237-261)., and author of two books in Religion /Comparative Religion: Dangers of Pride (Conable, 2014); Understanding the Nature of God: The Way to Eternal Glory (Conable, 2012), James has written two books dealing with research and academic writing skills. First, A Handbook on How to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills (Conable, 2015). Second, Research and Academic Writing for Bachelor, Master, Doctoral students (Conable, 2018). Dr. Conable have mentored thousands of students across universities who are facing challenges in writing their thesis or dissertation.

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